Field-blended Wines
Estate-grown, Sustainably-farmed

Varieties Grown

In our Alegría Vineyards, we produce many different grape varieties. Below is an alphabetical list of 60 of them.

Names in bold indicates grape varieties we produce as a varietal wine. All of our wines are field blends, so no ACORN wines is composed of just one grape variety.

Our Medley, a blend of several of our field blends, can be composed of up to 40 different grapes. Of the preceding list, at some point in the past years, every one of the grapes listed has been used in one or more of our Medley composition.

Alicante Bouschet Merlot
Aromatico Monbadon [Burger]
Barbera Mourvèdre [Mataro]
Beauty Seedless Muscat Blanc
Black Monukka Seedless Muscat Hamburg
Blue Portuguese Muscat Noir
Cabernet Franc Muscat Noir de Hongrie
Cabernet Sauvignon Muscat Rouge Fouce
Canaiolo Nebbiolo
Carignane Negrette [Pinot St. George]
Charbono NY 483
Cinsaut Palomino
Corinth Seedless Pedro Ximenez
Dolcetto Peloursin [Gros Béclan]
Einsett Seedless Petit Bouschet
Flame Seedless Petit Béclan
Flame Tokay Petit Verdot
Freisa Petite Sirah [Durif]
Fresno Plavac Mali
Graciano Queen Elizabeth
Grenache Raimaly
Gros noir Hatif [muscat] Ruby Seedless
Himrod Seedless Sangiovese [Brunello]
James Suffolk
Jessica Syrah
Khir Ghulaman Tannat
Liatiko Thomuscat
Madeleine Angevine Trousseau [Bastardo]
Mammolo Viognier
Mars Seedless Zinfandel

A medley of grapes waiting to be crushed and become our base blend for Medley.

Alegría Vineyards grapes are luscious even before they are harvested and made into ACORN wine.