2017 Rosato Alegría Vineyards

2017 Rosato Alegría Vineyards

Highly Recommended - Gabe Sasso
Selected as one of 20 Best Sonoma Rosés - Sonoma Magazine

Tasting Notes

The rich wild salmon color foretells the gorgeous wine to follow, starting with welcoming aromas of delicate cherry, cranberry, and spring blossoms. The lush, creamy mouthfeel offers enchanting flavors of Rainier cherry, dried strawberry, with traces of white floral and melon.

Winemaker's Notes

We hand-picked grapes for our 2017 Rosato in four separate lots to create this flavorful, co-fermented field blend. Each lot gave us a different mix of grapes.

We soaked the crushed grapes overnight, to allow natural enzymes to extract color and aroma from the skins, then pumped off the juice and lightly pressed the grape must with our old basket press.

We fermented the juice in stainless steel drums, stirring the lees each day. We added two Rhone yeasts (Grenache and D254) to supplement the native yeasts. As the fermentation progressed and became less active, we topped off the barrels solera-style (topping the barrels that are farthest along with the lot that is next farthest). That limited oxygen exposure and further blended the multiple grape varieties. When all the wine was fermented to dryness, we transferred it to neutral, older oak barrels for four months before bottling. The time in barrel added some creaminess and allowed the flavors to meld.

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AppellationRussian River Valley
Sonoma County
Varietal42% Zinfandel, 21% Cabernet Franc, 19% Sangiovese, 8% Syrah, 5% Petite Sirah, and 5% other grape varieties.
PairingDry, crisp and refreshing with good weight in the mouth, this delicious Rosato will pair perfectly with a host of appetizers or entrées. Try it with an artisan cheese and antipasto platter, artichoke cream and smoked chicken pasta, or mango vegetable curr
ph Level3.6