Field-blended Wines
Estate-grown, Sustainably-farmed

Field-Blend Tradition

Every ACORN wine is made from grapes we grow.

Every ACORN wine is a field blend.

That means multiple grape varieties are grown together, harvested together, crushed, and co-fermented — the blending is done in the vineyard, not at the winery. The melding of flavors from the different grapes starts at the very beginning of the winemaking process — on the day the grapes are picked.

The intriguing mix of varieties inter-planted in our vineyard in 1890, and the complex wine that mix produces, inspired us to continue the field blend tradition when we planted more vineyard blocks. We planted complementary varieties along with the major varieties. We believe that field-blending creates especially complete and complex, delicious, food-friendly wines.

Syrah block planted with Viognier, waiting for harvest.

Harvesting our 100+year-old Heritage Vines Zinfandel field blend vineyard

ACORN Medley is the ultimate field blend from our Alegría Vineyards, with over 60 varietals blended together to create this harmonious wine.

A medley of grapes waiting to be crushed and become our base blend for Medley.

Zach picking Syrah & Viognier for our field-blend Syrah.